Barone Castle ‪established in 1141.

I was able to visit in the inside of the baron_ricasoli castle. The castle was established in 1141.  Barone Castle ‪barone_ricasoli ‬ The first stones of Brolio Castle date back to the Middle Ages. The castle passed into the hands of The Ricasoli family thanks to the exchange of lands of 1141. The castle has … Continue reading Barone Castle ‪established in 1141.

‪@barone_ricasoli ‬Vintage Bottles #Wine 

The history of the ‪@barone_ricasoli ‬family has been connected to Chianti Classico and #wine production since 1141. This is uncontaminated land, rich in culture, history and art and one of the world's most appreciated #wines. These very vintage bottles were found in Viareggio, Italy 🇮🇹 

Saint Catherine of Siena’s Severed Head in Siena, Italy

A dismembered holy head stares out from her beautiful reliquary at the St. Dominic Basilica. Set in an ornate reliquary in the Basilica San Domenico in Siena is the dismembered, mummified head of the revered Saint Catherine of Siena ( 1347-1380). Her right thumb also resides in a smaller reliquary not far from her head. … Continue reading Saint Catherine of Siena’s Severed Head in Siena, Italy

Dievole Winery Chianti Classico in Tuscany 

 One of Chianti Classico's largest estates, Dievole.  Dievole is known to be a small paradise. The name "Dievole" is "Dio vuole" (God wants). The estate is truly devine. The name 1st appeared in the 11th century,  specifically on May 10, 1090. On this date, two captions, three loaves of bread, and six "Denari Lunches" of Good … Continue reading Dievole Winery Chianti Classico in Tuscany