Interview 5 – continued with @randallgrahm @bonnydoonvinyd with #winemktmonday @JessycaLewis

As has been remarked, Twitter is not a replacement for “real life.” Real sales have to be made in real, not virtual world.
@RandallGrahm How do you monetize your personal brand and your @BonnyDoonVineyd wine brand with social media #winemktmonday #wine.
Eventually, we must still sell wine & engage in activities that bring people to our brand & purchase. Its all part of the conversation. img_4663Agreed that staying away from adjectives is a good way to go. But I do believe in utility of helping a bit w/ language/vocabulary. I do have the Handy Guide of Wine Adjectives nearby in case my guests are tongue tied. Love this discussion. In poems, adjectives can sound the death knell. A vivid poem consists largely of nouns and verbs. #winemktmonday @JessycaLewis




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