An interview with John and Irene Ingersoll with Topicino Wines-#winemktmonday

A1: That’s what we said when we first moved to #napavalley! “Seems like there’s enough #wine here already.” #winemktmonday.

A1: Seriously though …we found that even in #wine country people want variety and the demand for non-US wines is still very high.@topochinesvino

What are the wine countries that millennials are interested in. #winemktmonday @ricasoli99 @KacyMinnis @sonomawineguy.

A1: Millennials (and everyone else) are interested in delicious wines from any country and are open to all sorts of packaging options. 

Tell us what types of wines do you import and why? #winemktmonday

We import wines from Italy because their wine industry is really growing and there are winemakers embracing the changing methods. #winemktmonday.  

True, there is a lot of interesting producers here that before never got much attention #winemktmonday

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