An interview with Anamieke Keggie.

Question 1: What tools do you use to analyze your clientele and determine the “lifestyle” you want your brand to represent.

A1: I use customer date that we track in our tasting room, wine club and social media reports to determine our targeted demographic. Once you have that information, I compare it against industry data standards and determine our ideal audience and their associated lifestyle needs. 

Question 2: What advertising platforms do you use to connect with your audience?

We use traditional print media advertisements in select magazines and periodicals along with radio ads and social media platforms.

Question 3: Do you use/or are you planning to use any untraditional platforms for advertising? 

We do not currently use any untraditional platforms for advertising but are looking into several for the future. 

Question 4: In regards to social media, what is your advertising approach?

I prefer our social medi approach to be more “soft sell” in nature, ie supportive of the “lifestyle” of our targeted demographic. Soft things I post are recipe pairings, entertaining ideas, and upcoming event calendars.

Question 5: Do you do any paid page promotions on any of the social media platforms? Why or why not?

Yes and no. On Facebook I have done several months of paid page promotions to help get us in front of a wider audience. 
For Twitter and Instagram, however, I’ve gone the traditional route of following and engaging fans, who in turn follow us back. I believe this gives us a very authentic audience. 

Question 6: With the ever changing algorithms on platforms such as Facebook, how do you keep up?

I follow many different blogs and online forums to stay on top of ever changing algorithms and tactics. The key? Keep and open mind and an open ear. 

Question 7: What is the ultimate goal (both stylistically and end-game-wise) of your Social Media marketing plan?

For me, it’s to establish a brand culture and associated lifestyle…something that makes our brand a luxurious, but normal part of our clients’ lives. 

Anamieke Kegge | Tasting Room Supervisor

Trinchero Family Estates

Office: 1-707-963-5928 | Ext. 5207 I got these beautiful bottles of wine today

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