Barone Castle ‪established in 1141.

I was able to visit in the inside of the baron_ricasoli castle. The castle was established in 1141. 

Barone Castle ‪barone_ricasoli ‬ The first stones of Brolio Castle date back to the Middle Ages. The castle passed into the hands of The Ricasoli family thanks to the exchange of lands of 1141. The castle has been rebuilt and modified several and today it bears the marks of the different eras: from the fortified medieval bastions to the Romanesque and neo- Gothic additions and the unique nineteenth century Tuscan details. 

The castle is surrounded by 230 hectares of Vineyards, forming part of the farm’s land’s, making it the largest in the #Chianti #Classico area: 1,200 hectares in the communes of Gaiole and Castlenuovo Berardenga- valleys, hills woods of oak and chestnut trees, 26 hectares of olive groves, all enjoying the beauty and wide variety of soils and climate in this central #chianti area. 

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